Our Detection Tools
Provide fast, reliable and convenient security services
Token Security API
Fast token security detection service
Malicious Address
Free, timely and comprehensive malicious address library
NFT Security API
NFT Authenticity Detection Platform
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Contract Security
Smart contract code security platform
Real-time Risk
Real-time monitoring of on-chain data,
giving advanced warning
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Security Ecosystem
Open security ecosystem, gather
security power
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Token Security API
Open, permissionless, user-driven token security detection platform
Public Chains Supported
Detected Tokens
Real-time Risk Warning
Accurate audit result
Quickly and automatically detect token security by code
Wide coverage
1.11M+ token detected
545K+ risk token discovered
Full range detection
Cover more than 30 security detections items
Comprehensive risk detection
Fast, easy and convenient
Provide service by simply calling the API
Give feedback in less than 3 seconds
Use Cases
Malicious Address API
Free, timely and comprehensive malicious address library
Public Chains Supported
Honeypot Tokens Related Addresses
Other Malicious Addresses
Our API is free to use, check the malicious address library anytime
For general users
Our API includes addresses related to honeypot and other malicious addresses, which users are more likely to encounter
Live update
Once honeypot tokens are detected, the related addresses will be included by our API to protect users in real time
Comprehensive Database
Cover 8 major blockchains, include more than 30,000 malicious addresses
Use Cases
NFT Security API
NFT authenticity detection platform
NFT included
Verified NFT included
NFT info items
Effective judgment of NFT authenticity
Through real-time detection of mainstream NFT trading platform data, Go+ Effectively judge the authenticity of NFT
Comprehensive NFT Information
More than 20 items of NFT information to build a comprehensive NFT security framework for you
Rich transaction data
Provide multi-dimensional transaction data of each NFT in the past 24 hours
DApp Contract Security
Contract code automatic detection platform, providing fast and accurate contract vulnerability detection results
DApp Contracts Detected
Types of Vulnerabilities Covered
Rapid detection feedback
It only takes less than 2 hour from submission to production automation analysis report, for the contract that meets the requirements.
Comprehensive detection dimension
Summary for(high, medium, low level) risks; Detailed report content for problem description, each problem and its code location correspondence;
Wide and accurate detection range
Support mainstream public chains such as Ethereum, BSC, Heco, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Avalanche Supports basically all major contract vulnerability detection
Super easy to use UX
“One-click” to Go+ for submission, packaging, deployment, and dynamic detection
Real-time Monitoring
Real-time monitoring on chain data to provide advance warning in time
Wide coverage
Supported risk types include but are not limited to owner changes, price slumps, flash loans, etc.
Support public chains including Ethereum, bsc, heco, polygon, avalanche, etc.
Multi-dimensional risk warning
Information provided includes attack type, severity, attack transaction, risk description, etc.
Classify risks to effectively improve availability. Do not disturb the user too much
Keep up with the data on the chain, and generally, relevant reminders can be made within 10 minutes of the occurrence of the chain event.
About Go+ Security
Go+ Security is an open, permissionless, user-driven security service platform for all types of blockchain users. It supports independent security risk submitting and provides detection results dynamically via technologies including token detection, real-time risk warning, dApp contract security, and interaction security.
Go+ security engine covers Multi-chain with multi-risk dimension detection for crypto project teams and ordinary investors. It has detected more than 700,000 tokens and 2,000+ dApp contacts.
Our security data API can quickly access to third-party application platforms like public chains, non-custodial wallets, DEX, crypto data aggregators, etc. Go+ is Everyon’s Security Tool!
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